Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mixed blessing

This morning I was tired, as I'm sure lots of other people are, as I stayed up late to watch both McCain's and Obama's speeches last night.
Obama's election is a historic moment and a bright spot in a long and arduous election cycle.
I am happy, not only for my brothers and sisters of color, but also for all Americans, that we were able to move beyond division and embrace change and inclusion.
That said, I am sad to learn that it's very likely California voters have voted to ban gay marriage after the jubilant and well-deserved celebrations witnessed this year after a court ruling made gay marriage legal there, albeit briefly.
Decades from now, Americans will look back on this time with a mixture of pride and confusion.
How could a country that voted for inclusion also vote to limit the civil rights of a group of its citizens?
Why would my marriage, legal in Canada, not be recognized here?
How does my marriage threaten the marriages of others?
I'm disappointed, but know the struggle must continue.
Civil rights seldom come easily.