Thursday, January 31, 2008

What's next in politics?

Rudy's out. Edwards departed. Now what? Debates will probably get more intense and personal. Let's stay tuned for tonight's Democratic debate and see! What role will Bill now play for Hill given that it's pretty much Hill and Obama? Will Chelsea appear more often in Bill's place? Can Chelsea woo young voters away from Obama, who's been adept at getting them to participate more in the election process?
And, looking ahead, how are those running mate rosters shaping up? Rudy wanted to make sure he quickly endorsed McCain. Edwards has refused to make an endorsement. Is he keeping his options open so either candidate could pick HIM to be a running mate?
What about Romney? Can he paint McCain as the liberal and himself as the conservative in the Republican primaries to come next week?
By next Tuesday--Super Tuesday--will we have a clear idea of the nominees or will it drag on to the conventions?
As we like to say, "Stay tuned!"

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Let's jump in!

Today is the beginning of an experiment in one of my Public Relations classes.
As part of The Ethics of Advocacy class, we are starting a blogging project to react to today's ethical challenges.
Many of the students will be trying something they've never done before.
Many will be apprehensive. Many will be excited!
That's all OK!
With discussion comes understanding, shared meaning and energy.
With discussion comes responsibility to think clearly, maintain integrity and check facts.
The blogs created in this course will be shared with others and will help us debate and dissect the ethical challenges facing us in today's society.
Happy reading!