Thursday, February 14, 2008

Boys will be boys!

Way to go, Larry Craig. You have dodged another bullet, although this one may leave a scar. Today's (Feb. 14, 2008) New York Times reports on the Senate Ethics Committee's "admonishment" by the U.S. Senate "for conduct that reflected poorly on the Senate as the result of his arrest and guilty plea last summer in an undercover sex sting in a men's bathroom at the Minneapolis airport."
Despite this latest censure, Craig is hanging in there and serving out his term. Bet the Republicans are thrilled to have him around as a reminder of how ethical lapses have dogged Washington for longer than most care to admit.
Craig continues to protest he isn't gay, but at this point, that's a moot point. Nobody really cares about that anymore, it seems, but they DO care about his handling of the whole incident. Handing his card to the policeman is seen by some, the article says, to be an act of throwing his title around in hopes of making the officer overlook his actions. Saying he'd resign in a mea culpa news conference and then saying he wouldn't further damages his credibility. Accepting an award back in Idaho after all this happened is the ultimate act of hubris.
Here's a suggestion. Fess up, give up, and go home.
Your credibility is so severely eroded that you are effectively impotent as a Senator.
The people of Idaho deserve someone who can be effective and advocate for them.
Trouble is, their Senator is too busy shoring up his sagging reputation.
And, as Ross Perot used to say, "That's just sad."